STORMTIDE reveal upcoming album details

STORMTIDE - Wrath of an Empire

Australian epic fantasy metallers Stormtide from Melbourne are proud to present the wonderful artwork for their upcoming debut full-length album, painted by Lina Sidarova (logos by Gragoth). Entitled “Wrath of an Empire“, the album will be released on August 1st 2016 via Metal Hell Records, while the pre-orders will start on July 1st. This nine part epic album contains stories of ruin, heroism and dark deeds. Featuring huge orchestral arrangements, crushing guitar riffs and guttural vocals, “Wrath of an Empire” succeeds where many have failed in joining epic metal with epic story. Taking influences from European and Asian styles of music, Stormtide has expertly crafted an album that appeals to traditionalists and fans of new metal alike. Effortlessly transitioning between blast beat to soul wrenching quiet passages, no two pieces of music on the album are alike. This is an album without filler songs, without cliches and without mercy…

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