ACCURSED YEARS unveil debut EP details

ACCURSED YEARS - Fall of Frost

English folk melodic death black metallers Accursed Years from Dorset, are excited to announce the approaching release of their debut EP titled “Fall of Frost“. This EP is a diversion away from the style of music the band normally creates. The four tracks on this EP were originally written as heavy metal, but have since been adapted into more of an instrumental, orchestral type of music. Accursed Years are unveiling to you the beautiful cover artwork (created by Wyldraven Art), and the album tracklist. All four songs on this list will likely be released as full metal tracks on their upcoming full-length album. Expect the release date to be announced very soon!

1. Changeling                         
2. Fall of Frost
3. Oaken Weave
4. Homeland

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