SKALMÖLD unveil first details of upcoming album

SKALMOLD - Vogguvisur Yggdrasils

Iceland’s Viking metallers Skálmöld will release their fourth full-length album “Vögguvísur Yggdrasils” on September 30th 2016 via Napalm Records. The album title translates to “Lullabies of Yggdrasil” and holds 9 lullabies, one from each of the Nine Worlds of the heathen cosmology. The band has already unveiled the amazing cover art, made by Kristjan Lyngmo. Just you wait until you see the whole thing, his illustrations of the Nine Worlds. It is just incredible. A stunning, winding trip through Norse mythology awaits you on “Vögguvísur Yggdrasils” and the best travel guides are and will always be Skálmöld! Through their past three albums (their latest effort being Með vættum in 2014) the group has proven their expertise when it comes to Odin and his lot, but now the Icelandic six-piece will explore the Nine Worlds, from the fiery Muspellsheim to frozen Nifelheim – all held together by world tree Yggdrasil. With a perfect Nordic backdrop, the fourth full-length by these genre heavyweights moves smoothly from highly melodic, epic Viking metal to picturesque folklore. Odin owns ye all! The album will be available as special 6-page digipak + bonus CD and Vinyl! Pre-Orders will be available shortly.

1. Múspell
2. Niflheimur
3. Niðavellir
4. Miðgarður
5. Útgarður
6. Álfheimur
7. Ásgarður
8. Helheimur
9. Vanaheimur

LTD Edition Bonus CD:
10. Drink (Alestorm Cover)
11. Inní mér Syngur Vitleysingur (Sigur Rós Cover)
12. Nattfödd (Finntroll Cover)
13. Lazer Eyes (Thor Cover)
14. Helreið Afa
15. Upprisa (Live)
16. Hefnd (Live)
17. Dauði (Live)

In other news, a very special split 7“ single will be available featuring the Alestorm cover version of “Drink”, as well as the Skálmöld cover “Kvaðning” by Alestorm. Christopher Bowes, captain & frontman of Alestorm on their cover “Drink”, as well as covering an Skálmöld song on their upcoming album: “Ahoy! When we found out that our friends in Skálmöld had recorded a cover of an Alestorm song, of course we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to return the insult! Ever since we first toured with those crazy guys on the Heidenfest Tour back in 2011, “Kvaðning” has been our favorite song of theirs, so it was the natural choice. Unfortunately, the lyrics to the song are in some made-up language they call “Icelandic”, which is an utterly impenetrable dialect for a monolingual ignoramus such as I…but thankfully, with the power of Google Translate and a dash of perseverance, anything is possible! We hope y’all enjoy the track!

Skálmöld official page
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