GEDANKEN TOTEN LEBENS – Gedanken Toten Lebens

GEDANKEN TOTEN LEBENS - Gedanken Toten Lebens

Origin: Germany
Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal Dark Metal
Label: Self Released
Year: 2015

Gedanken Toten Lebens is a new atmospheric dark black metal band from Germany, the personal project of Solveig, who is responsible for the whole concept, lyrics and vocals. She formed the band in 2012 and has cooperated with other bands and musicians for her project since then. In the summer of 2015 the band self-released its debut full-length album “Gedanken Toten Lebens“, its only official release so far. For this album Solveig collaborated with Freigeist, who played all musical instruments.  

Gedanken Toten Lebens” is a very interesting and diverse album. Its seven compositions, that last for a little over 36 minutes, move between several genres, successfully blending them in a quite solid and atmospheric result. And while atmospheric black metal is the “background” of their music, the band adds also elements of dark metal, post metal, pagan black metal and some acoustic passages, using only the typical metal instruments, without any synths at all. Some compositions have a more melodic approach, while others focus in a more aggressive rhythmic mood, sometimes with hints of doom and death metal. Acoustic guitars and nature sounds here and there offer some nice interludes, connecting at the same time the pieces of this album together, under a coherent atmosphere. Freigeist has done a great job with the guitars, and the orchestrations in general. He has found a nice balance between a more underground aesthetic and a technical, powerful, clean sound, creating the perfect background for Solveig’s expressive vocals. She has this characteristic “colour” of female screaming vocals, being raw, melodic, aggressive and emotional at the same time. Except for some spoken or whispering parts, there are no clean vocals at all, only melancholic black metal screams. Her vocals are really great, ideal for this kind of music. All lyrics are in German dealing with nature related themes and Solveig’s death / after death philosophical searches.

I found the beginning of Gedanken Toten Lebens really promising and I believe many fans of black metal will appreciate it. Moving from raw agressive black metal to more acoustic oriented atmospheric dark metal (ala Dornenreich) the band seems willing to experiment and offer something different. “Gedanken Toten Lebens” is self-released in a limited to 500 hand-numbered copies jewel-case CD edition. It comes with a 12-page booklet, including all the lyrics and beautiful nature photography, in perfect harmony with the music’s atmosphere. You can visit the band’s official Facebook profile below for more details. I hope to hear something new from the band in the near future…


Rating:  (8/10)

Gedanken Toten Lebens @ Facebook


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