VOJSTRAŬ released first single

VOJSTRAU - Dundara Zorny

Belarus folk pagan metal band Vojstraŭ (ex-Wartha) presents “Dundara Žorny“, its first track after the change of name from Wartha to Vojstraŭ. The song title can be translated as “Dundar Millstones” or “Thundermill“. Dundar, or Dundal is the regional name for the widely known Perun, the god of thunder, also known as Perkunas, Thor, Zeus, or Jupiter. In ancient incarnations he had a huge millstones, directed fire from the heavens, causing rains and contributed fertility. All music and artworks in “Dundara Žorny” is by Aleh Zielankievič, who is currently the band’s only member, while the guitars were recorded by Vitautas Kashkurevich.        

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Vojstraŭ @ VK
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