WALDGEFLÜSTER unveil upcoming album details


German black metallers Waldgeflüster return with their 4th full-length album “Ruinen“, which is scheduled for release on October 14th 2016, via Nordvis (for Europe) and Bindrune Recordings (for USA). “Ruinen” (which translates to Ruins) is a heavy masterwork of emotive and moving metal, a gem that blends a vast variety of different genres within the metal spectrum. With ”Ruinen” Waldgeflüster venture further away from their origin and the traces of more traditional black metal fades away and leave place for a more promising sound with no boundaries. It’s certain that “Ruinen” is a wonderful melancholic journey that has allowed Waldgeflüster to reach another level. A level where the sounds of atmospheric folk metal of artists like Falls of Rauros and Panopticon merge with the older doom/post-metal sounds of artists such as Anathema & Katatonia. One of the most interesting metal releases of 2016, no doubt. In order to celebrate the upcoming album Waldgeflüster will perform two release shows this fall. On September 30th, Nordvis Höstfest – En Arena, Stockholm (Sweden) with Panopticon & Grift and on October 15th, Backstage – München (Germany) with Negură Bunget. Cover artwork and tracklist for “Ruinen” are already unveiled.

1. Die Ruine als Schmuck
2. Weltenwanderer
3. Trümmerfestung
4. Und immer wieder Schnee
5. Ruinenfelder
6. Graustufen Novembertage
7. Aschephönix
8. Susitaival

Winterherz – vocals
Thomas Birkmaier – drums
Dominik Frank – guitars
Markus Frey – guitars
Avagr – bass

Waldgeflüster official page
Waldgeflüster @ Facebook
Waldgeflüster @ Twitter


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