ANTIQUUS SCRIPTUM and XERIÓN will release split CD

ANTIQUUS SCRIPTUM + XERION - Parables, Fantasies & Chimeras

Portuguese epic pagan thrash metallers Antiquus Scriptum and Galician black metallers Xerión from Spain have announced the release of a split album in January 2017!! The work shall be entitled “... Parábolas, Fantasías & Quimeras… (Unha Alianza Lusitana e Galega de Honra e Sangue)” which translates to “… Parables, Fantasies & Chimeras… (An Lusitanian and Galician Alliance of Blood and Honor)“. As the album name indicates, it will be a Celtiberian communion in honor of the bands’ Galician and Lusitanian ancestors, whom lived in harmony and together they fought the Romans for the honor and dignity of a free Iberian Peninsula, more than 2.000 years ago. The split CD shall be released by the German Wolfmond Production and will be printed on pro-CDr format limited to 300 copies, and by the Spanish Nigra Mors in pro-Tape, limited to 100 pieces (both releases scheduled for the same period). Expect around 40 minutes of music from each band, including both old and new songs! The beautiful cover artwork is already unveiled.

Antiquus Scriptum official blog
Antiquus Scriptum @ Facebook
Xerión @ Facebook
Xerión @ Bandcamp


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