FROZEN OCEAN release limited EP

FROZEN OCEAN - A Faded Missive Therefrom

Experimental ambient atmospheric black metal project Frozen Ocean from Russia has conducted a very successful campaign on Groupees earlier this year, selling exclusive packages of digital material. Previously unheard songs were unveiled as the pledges of support increased, including two unlockable EPs never released before. These EPs, which are featuring some of Frozen Ocean’s most haunting and evocative ambient work to date, were united into one 4-track compilation called “A Faded Missive Therefrom” and got a physical embodiment managed by Operator Produkzion, who are good old friends of the project. The EP will be available in a strictly limited to 48 hand-numbered copies CD-r edition, in a printed 4-panel sleeve designed by A-Drone (outer side and general cover) and Cold Graves (inner side and separate covers). The four tracks of “A Faded Missive Therefrom” will never be available in digital format again… Once they’re gone, they’re gone, so those interested in acquiring a copy should immediately get in touch with Operator Produkzion or contact Vaarwel directly through the Frozen Ocean official Facebook page. These beautiful soundscapes are a passport to another level of consciousness, a ticket to dreams and visions beyond the everyday experience. Vaarwel has opened a door to another part of the wonder-filled world of Frozen Ocean, but one which will soon be closed forever.

1. Lux
2. Pluvia
3. Nox
4. Lichten Op De Muur

Frozen Ocean official page
Frozen Ocean @ Facebook
Frozen Ocean @ Twitter
Frozen Ocean @ VK
Frozen Ocean @ Bandcamp


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