MYRKGRAV unveil upcoming album details and teaser

MYRKGRAV - Takk og farvel

Norwegian folk metal band Myrkgrav, the personal project of Lars Jensen from Åsa, Ringerike, has revealed some interesting details about its upcoming release entitled “Takk og Farvel; Tida er Blitt ei Annen“. The album will be initially out in digital format, but the band is also looking for a label to release it physically. Myrkgrav have unveiled the cover artwork, hand drawn in ink by Fanny Storlund, as well as the album tracklist. You can also watch an extended video teaser below, which includes excerpts of all songs from the upcoming album (except one). Release date of “Takk og Farvel; Tida er Blitt ei Annen” isn’t yet announced. The album title translates to “Thank you and Farewell; Times have Changed” a title fitting perfectly with the back-story of this album:         

2016 marks the 10 year anniversary since the release of “Trollskau, Skrømt og Kølabrenning“, Myrkgrav’s debut and only full-length album up to date. There was supposed to be a follow-up full-length, with the title “Forteljinger frå Finnefjerdingen“, but due to huge changes in Lars’ life-related circumstances, the album will never happen. However, all of the material for the album, minus the vocals, have already been recorded and mixed years ago. One of the main problems with creating vocal arrangements for the album was the fact that Lars wrote all the guitar leads and riffs before even taking vocals for the record into consideration. As such, the unfinished songs are in fact far from unfinished, and they present an uncompromising collection of unique folk music-influenced folk metal songwriting. These songs will be soon available to the public via Bandcamp and other digital streaming services. Some of the songs for “Forteljinger frå Finnefjerdingen” also have vocals. These tracks will be released on “Takk og Farvel; Tida er Blitt ei Annen“, an album which pretty much sums up everything that has happened with Myrkgrav since its birth. This EP / collection consists of tracks from “Forteljinger frå Finnefjerdingen” as well as re-recordings of Myrkgrav’s beloved old songs.

1. Skjøn Jomfru (Norwegian version)
2. Vonde auer
3. Bjønnestussern frå Sandungskælven (instrumental)
4. Soterudsvarten
5. Om å danse bekhette (10th anniversary edition)
6. Melbustad og uldrefølket (instrumental)
7. Tørrhard
8. Finnkjerringa (10th anniversary edition)
9. To som kom i fiskebøgda (instrumental)
10. Sjuguttmyra
11. Skjøn Jomfru (English version)
12. Tviom! (instrumental)
13. Uttjent
14. Takk og farvel (hardanger fiddle outro)

Myrkgrav official page
Myrkgrav @ Facebook
Myrkgrav @ Bandcamp


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