HESYCHAST released new album


American atmospheric un-black metallers Hesychast (ex-Vikarbyrgi) have just released their new full-length album, entitled “Ageless“. The band combines orthodox chants with atmospheric black metal in a very interesting way. Their name comes from the Greek word “ησυχασμός – hesychasm”, a mystical tradition of inner prayer. The material of this album was recorded between the years 2014-2016. “Ageless” is available for free streaming and download on Hesychast’s official Bandcamp page, while you can also purchase a physical jewel-case CD version of the album, printed by Kunaki. Below you can listen to a preview of the album and get a first taste of their music.

1. Волны Смерти
2. Discordant                     
3. Trace of Breath
4. Eye
5. Moth and Rust
6. Ageless
7. Trisagion

Hesychast @ Facebook
Hesychast @ Bandcamp


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