DAZHBOG released new EP

DAZHBOG - Yearning the Beauty of This World

Ambient folk electronica band Dazhbog, has just released its seventh work, the EP “Yearning the Beauty of this World…“. Dazhbog is the personal project of Francisco Samael Flores R. from Mexico (also in Benatnash, Grim Skoll, Eidyllion, ex-Ereshkigal, ex-Forest of Doom), who is currently living in Waksmund, Poland. The new EP is inspired by the arrival of spring after a long winter… The music tries to express the blooming of nature after a long sleep under the cover of snow and cold winds. Every chapter is an act of contemplation and respect for Mother Nature. “Yearning the Beauty of this World…” is single track lasting for 36 minutes and is divided into seven chapters. It is released only digitally and is available via Dazhbog’s official SoundCloud page.

Chapter I – At the Edge of Gloaming            
Chapter II – Misty Keepsakes
Chapter III – Revealing the Glow of a Primrose
Chapter IV – The Singing of the Goddess
Chapter V – Floating Across the Twilight
Chapter VI – Memoirs of Another Existence
Chapter VII – Red Snow

Dazhbog @ Facebook
Dazhbog @ SoundCloud


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