DEMOGORGON debut EP will be soon released


Demogorgon is a new atmospheric black metal / dungeon synth entity, emerging out of eastern soil. The project is composed of a cult line-up from the Chinese underground, including members of Zuriaake|葬尸湖 (atmospheric black metal), HolyArrow (epic black metal), Destruction of Redemption (primitive black metal) and mighty Demogorgon, who firstly introduced the concept of extreme metal to mainland China in a proper manner as the chief editor of “Extreme Music” magazine back to 90’s. The debut EP entitled “Dilemma. Revenge. Snow.” is completed as invigorated by the legendary martial arts novel “Fox Volant of the Snowy Mountain” written by Mr. Jin Yong. The two-track chapter vividly depicts the vast lands of northern China through the classic elements combined by black metal and dungeon synth. If you know what “Jiang Hu” is, exploratory nature of this MCD will be a fine representation that places a singular vision specifically on what martial artists confronted in the old times. The limited miniCD edition of “Dilemma. Revenge. Snow.” will be released via Pest Productions in winter 2016!

1. 悲月
2. 飞狐



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