NIÐAFJÖLL released debut album on CD


Icelandic symphonic pagan black metal band Niðafjöll, the solo project of multi-instrumentalist Sigurboði Grétarsson, released its debut full-length album “Endir“. Sigurboði (ex-member of the folk band Hrafnagaldur) is completely self-taught on all instruments that he plays and owns and all songs of this album were written on an old classical guitar and a cheap Casio keyboard! The theme of “Endir” is based on Ragnarök from Norse mythology, though it’s actually a tragic love story that is happening during Ragnarök. Two persons, a man and a woman, die when Ragnarök starts and become souls or ”Óðir” but get separated. The man spends his time searching for his loved one and is witnessing all the chaos and turmoil happening all around him. When he can’t find her he goes to Hel, goddess of death, and asks her to freeze his heart for the pain he feels at the loss of his love is greater than any physical pain. “Endir” was initally released digitally in the end of 2015, but now is finally released on CD edition via the Italian label White Wolf Productions.

1. Skuld – 02:09
2. Forsjá Friggjar – 03:40
3. Jörmungandr – 05:18
4. Vébönd Rofna – 04:09
5. Hreingálknin Rísa – 05:18
6. Svart Tár – 05:35
7. Verðandi – 10:21
8. Túndra – 04:40
9. Andvari – 03:10
10. Sól Tér Sortnar – 03:14
11. Troða Halir Helveg – 04:04
12. Endalok – 03:13

Niðafjöll @ Facebook
Niðafjöll @ Bandcamp


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