SCUORN unveil details of upcoming debut album

SCUORN - Parthenope

Parthenopean epic black metallers Scuorn from Napoli, Italy have just revealed the first details of their forthcoming debut full-length album “Parthenope”, scheduled for release at the beginning of 2017 via Dusktone. “Parthenope” was recorded, mixed and mastered at 16th Cellar Studio in Rome by the mighty Stefano “Saul” Morabito (Fleshgod Apocalypse, Hour of Penance), featuring special guest orchestrals by Riccardo Studer (Stormlord) and guest narrated vocals performances by Daniele “Ogre” Cristiano (NoFuck), Marco “Wolf” Lauro (Gort, Mors Spei, Vita Odiosa, Terrorfront), Tina Gagliotta (Poemisia), Diego Laino (ADE, Symbolyc) and Libero Verardi (Disturbia). The band has unveiled the album tracklist and the wonderful cover artwork, created by the talented Russian artist Alex from Mayhem Project Design (Khors, Funeral, Pyramaze).

Alex commented : “As Scuorn’s upcoming album “Parthenope” is based on the most ancient Greek/Roman origins of the city of Naples, I worked with Giulian on creating something unique for this cover artwork, that could be both atmospheric and apocalyptic at the same time. The goddess Parthenope, surrounded by ashes and smoke, is helplessly attending the volcano Vesuvius eruption of 79 a.c. which is destroying the cities of Pompeii, Herculaenum and Stabiae. We wanted to keep the image as epic as possible, also adding a dark twist to the plot of the story, and the result was truly magnificent. The artwork was produced in digital painting”.

Giulian, Scuorn’s mastermind, also commented : “Alex is a brilliant artist, with his style and skills he was the perfect choice for this artwork and what I wanted to achieve with it. The album cover is mind-blowing and the booklet gives the right perception of the concept behind each song. Each legend has a dedicated page and the lettering used for lyrics and texts couldn’t be more appropriate. You feel like opening and reading an ancient book …

1. Cenner’ e Fummo
2. Fra Ciel’ e Terr’
3. Virgilio Mago
4. Tarantella Nera
5. Sanghe Amaro
6. Averno
7. Sibilla Cumana
8. Sepeithos
9. Parthenope
10. Megaride

Scuorn official page
Scuorn @ Facebook
Scuorn @ Bandcamp


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