SKYFOREST re-release debut album

SKYFOREST - Aftermath

Russian atmospheric post black metal band Skyforest has just re-released a remastered edition of its debut album “Aftermath“. Skyforest is the personal project of B.M. (also in Blurry Lights, Hiki) and a follow-up to his previous project, Annorkoth. Basically Skyforest is just the new name of the project, since B.M. decided to start from a blank page. “Aftermath” was the debut full-length album of Skyforest, originally released in August 2014, and was in the process of writing since around September 2013. Just to make things more serious, B.M. invited Tim from Germ (ex-Austere), who wrote lyrics, recorded vocals and live drums. For “Together in Death” he invited another musician, Juleah, for recording additional vocals. She’s also a multi-instrumentalist and has her own project (Juleah). The songs “Aftermath” and “Ascension” were entirely written by Eija Risen (though, B.M. orchestrated and recorded them by himself). Eija Risen has also a couple of projects, like Eintritt, Cold Womb Descent and many more. There was an issue with the CDs back then, so the album was never released on CD before (only tapes on DIR). Because of this fact, Skyforest decided to release the album properly via Depressive Illusions Records, with new artwork and new sound, like a rebirth of the album. It comes in a limited to 500 copies jewel-case CD edition with laser engraved pit art and 4 pages color booklet, including all lyrics and in a cassette tape edition, limited to 66 copies with 2 sided pro-cover inlay.

1. Aftermath – 01:00
2. Yearning for the Past – 10:39
3. I Wish the Dawn Would Never Come – 07:44
4. Nothing, Worthless – 06:59
5. Inexistence – 08:30
6. Together in Death – 09:36
7. Ascension – 02:40
8. Together in Death (Acoustic) – 05:24

Skyforest @ Facebook
Skyforest @ VK
Skyforest @ Bandcamp


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