VALHALORE unveil debut album details

VALHALORE - Voyage into Eternity

Australian epic folk melodic death metallers Valhalore from Brisbane are very excited to finally share information about their upcoming first full-length album entitled “Voyage into Eternity“. Formed in mid-2013 by composer and lead guitarist Anthony Willis, Valhalore draw on influences from folk, power and melodic death metal to create a sound that is both inspiring and magical. The band immediately set to work on their first album and began to establish themselves within the Australian metal scene. In 2015 they released their debut, self-titled EP, which received positive acclaim from fans globally. “Voyage into Eternity” will be released worldwide on March 14 2017 through the band and their online platforms. It is already available in several pre-sale packages in their official webstore. Valhalore have already unveiled the cover artwork by Justine Malcontento and the album tracklist.

1. By Moon and Stars
2. Malice of Illusion
3. The Winterstone
4. Guardians of Time
5. Across the Frozen Ocean
6. Upon the Shores
7. Augury of Death
8. Forth the Red Sun Rises
9. Voyage Into Eternity
10. By the Light of Funeral Pyres

Lachlan Neate – lead vocals, mandolin & cello
Anthony Willis – guitar & vocals
Lucas Fisher – guitar & vocals
Sophie Christensen – low whistle & tin whistle
Matthew Grimley – bass guitar
Morgan Cox – drums

Valhalore official page
Valhalore @ Facebook
Valhalore @ Twitter
Valhalore @ Bandcamp


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