PROMETHEAN released debut EP


French symphonic blackened death metallers Promethean from Paris have just released their debut EP “Aloades“, which is available digitally in the band’s official Bandcamp page. A CD version of the EP is scheduled for March 2017. Promethean is a project that took form in drummer / composer Leo Godart’s mind years ago, but became reality in December 2013. After numerous line-up changes and a couple years of hard work forming cohesion among the band and practicing regularly, Promethean was ready to hit the studio for its debut release. “Aloades” is the fruit of two years of work based on Leo’s compositions, which were arranged by the band and orchestrated by Leo and Olivier Reucher from the French act Remember the Light (symphonic metal). Promethean play a symphonic brand of death metal, incorporating blackened and progressive metal elements. The lyrics of the first three songs of the EP, written by their former singer Louis Lafitte (ex-Insain, Guttural Deepthroat) deal with Greek mythology, notably the myth of the Aloades, the Titans who were severely punished by Zeus for having planned to abduct Hera and Artemis. The fourth song “A Forbidden Symphony” is a preview from what will be their debut album (no date for now), and which will deal with the Lovecraftian mythology.

1. Le Supplice des Aloades – 04:22
2. Niobides – 05:18
3. The Plague – 05:37
4. A Forbidden Symphony – 06:07

Nicolas Cardoso – vocals
Matthieu Cardoso – lead guitar
Gaëtan Marquer – rhythm guitar
Dino Dieleman – bass
Axel Hurard – keyboards
Leo Godart – drums

Promethean @ Facebook
Promethean @ Bandcamp


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