Mythological Cold Towers is one of the best epic doom metal bands from Brazil. It is now over 18 years since their creation and they have recently released their fourth full-length album “Immemorial”. Let’s see what Fabio Campos (Shammash) has to say about his band.
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- Hails from Hellas. It’s an honor for Metal Soundscapes to interview Mythological Cold Towers. Would you like to tell us a few words about your band? How did you come up with this unusual name? How would you describe your music to someone who has never listened to your albums?

Hails from Brazil! The band’s name conveys our appreciation for the mysteries, lost civilizations, ancient tribes and megalithic monuments. We play a doom / death music with dark and epic passages.

- Your band started back in 1994? What do you remember from these days? What were your main ambitions when you began?

The band started around the same time that traditional doom metal was at its height. Mythological Cold Towers was one of the first Doom bands in Brazil. The proposal of the band was always playing a slower metal, epic, dark and with cold atmosphere and lyrics about ancient sagas and lost empires. Our first album “Sphere Of Nebaddon” was released in 1996, having a good repercussion in the underground scene around the world.

- What do you think nowadays of this work?

Even today this album is considered a classic album in the Doom scene, but unfortunately it’s sold out and many people ask us to reissue it. We think “Sphere Of Nebaddon” conveys the essence of musicality and lyrical concept of Mythological Cold Towers. Our last album, “Immemorial“, has some characteristics of the first album, because it was a very important work to define our musical proposal.

- In 2000 your second work “Remoti Meridiani Hymni (Towards the Magnificent Realm of the Sun)” was out. I believe you changed a lot your sound with this release. Tell us a few words about it.

No doubt. At that time we were listening to different things besides doom metal, for example: dark ambient, atmospheric black metal, epic soundtracks, classic music, etc… So we wanted to add new elements in our music. The result was a consistent album, a little more aggressive, a more mid-tempo way. But even with these changes, we had a great response and this album is considered in Brazil and abroad, one of the best metal albums ever.

Dordrecht, Netherlands

- Your next album “The Vanished Pantheon” came out five years later. What has changed this time in your music?

We think this is the most complex album of Mythological Cold Towers. There is some influence of progressive music and we added new and atypical elements that made our music more chaotic and morbid. “The Vanished Pantheon” is a very difficult album to be absorbed because of this complexity.

- Your last album was released in the end of 2011, six years after the previous one. Why all Mythological Cold Towers albums take so much time to be released? Do you work so much for each album, or do you prefer to take some breaks between each release?

There are many reasons why we have delayed to release an album. The main one is that we prefer to concentrate on each masterpiece that we write. We are very careful with the creation of songs, riffs, passages and lyrical concept. Furthermore we are not pressured by the labels to release albums every year. We like to work this way, we feel more freedom to create.

- Now it’s been almost half a year since “Immemorial” release. Would you like to present it with your own words and feelings? What are the first reactions of fans and critics to this album?

We received great comments about our last album. We needed to rescue the old doom metal essence of early of the 90s album and so we did it. “Immemorial” brings that old spirit of doom and keeps the same epic atmosphere of the previous albums.

- What do you think about this album now? Has the final result satisfied your expectations? What differences do you find compared to your previous works?

Personally, I consider “Immemorial“, the best album of Mythological Cold Towers. We created the true identity of the band, playing a barbaric style, sometimes mournful, melancholic and always heavy and consistent. We are very satisfied with the results. There are always some differences between each album of Mythological Cold Towers. “Immemorial” is the return of epic doom metal.

Mythological Cold Towers - Band

- Is there any concept behind “Immemorial”? Tell us a few words about the lyrics and the general ideology of the band, if any.

Of course. The concept of the album is about lost cities in the deep, moist forests of Amazonia. There is an old legend about Akakor, a golden lost city in the forests that old chroniclers wrote about it. Many researchers have been seeking the truth about these legends in vain. “Immemorial” is about mystery and obscurity of ancient civilizations in Brazil.

- What is the composing process of Mythological Cold Towers? Is there a basic composer, or all band members contribute equally?

The lead guitarist Nechron composes riffs and melodies. So we all started working together and with these new riffs. We have great concern over the outcome of the songs, so we work with dedication and inspiration.

- I see that all 4 of you are in the band since the beginning. What kept you together all these 18 years? This is very unusual these days, since most bands undergo many line-up changes.

We also had some lineup changes. The most important for us is keeping ourselves always strong and united for the same purpose. We are aware that Mythological Cold Towers is one of the most important things in our lives. For this reason, we are always together all these years.

- What are Mythological Cold Towers future plans? I know you have some gigs in Europe. Can you give us some details? How is your band on stage? What should someone expect from you in your live shows?

We’ve played in Europe between April and May 2012. The first gig was in Portugal, Barrocelas SWR Fest. Undoubtedly, it was our first experience in playing a large gig. After that, we played three shows in Ireland, where we are very welcomed. Finally we played in Netherlands, Dordrecht Doom Day Fest II on May 12. This was the best show of Mythological Cold Towers, where we played with Saturnus, Ophis, etc. It was a great experience for the band and we made an old dream of playing in Europe come true!

Barrocelas SWR, Portugal

- Is there any chance to see you one day in Greece?

Unfortunately we could not contact any gig organizer in Greece. We hope the next time we go to Europe we can play in your country.

- I guess it’s a bit early, but do you have any plans for your next album?

We have some good ideas. We are waiting for our drummer back from Ireland (he lives there) so we can get together and write more new riffs.

- What do you think about the metal scene in Brazil? Do you see any good new bands around? How difficult is for a Brazilian band to make an international career?

The metal scene in Brazil is great, but very amateur, unfortunately. There are good bands, but there are not many places for gigs and there are few labels that release their albums. Few bands, like us, could disseminate their material in other countries and play in Europe. The problem is that there is not as strong metal culture as there is in Europe. But still there are good bands that need a good support as Miasthenia, Hell Light, Serpent Rise, Abske Fides Apocalyptichaos and many more…

- What do you think now when you look back at these 18 years? Could you imagine in the beginning that your band would have such a long future? Do you believe you still have to offer new things, or do you feel kind of accomplished?

We never looked back. We just glorify every day and every year we work with Mythological Cold Towers. We are now certain to spread our music more efficiently. Since we signed with the label Cyclone Empire things are moving in the right way, as they should be. Maybe we had some problems or difficulties in the past, but we learned a lot from them. Today we are more mature and know what we want.

Limerick, Ireland

- Most of the band’s members are also in other groups. Would you like to give us some info or news about any of them?

We’ve played in some bands in the past. But today we are dedicated only to Mythological Cold Towers.

- Thank you very much for your time! I wish you all the best. Last words are yours.

Thanks a lot for the nice interview. We wish to play in Greece someday and show our Doom Metal from the deepest forests of Amazon and, sure, knowing the amazing temples of mythic Hellenic gods.

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