LAST MOON’S DAWN released debut album


Following the wait of almost a decade, the German debutant Last Moon’s Dawn are now presenting the highly anticipated “Absence” as a full-length album to the world of dark metal. The band’s debut album was released on March 31, 2017 via the Chinese label Pest Productions in a digipak edition CD with 12-page booklet. Produced by Markus Siegenhort (Lantlôs / LowCityRain), the nine fascinating tracks co-produce a magical soundscape for any fans that adore the finest dark metal with influences of depressive rock. “Absence” demonstrates a sensational achievement of the band, and will be considered as a rare collection of captivating tunes which intertwines with your dreams until eternity. Last Moon’s Dawn were formed in 2007 and their only release until now was the demo “Episodes of the Dawn” in 2008.

1. Aura  (00:33)                            
2. Absence  (04:52)
3. Darken  (05:54)
4. All in Vain  (04:57)
5. Unborn / Undying / Unknown  (07:52)
6. Trauma  (01:13)
7. Dissociation  (06:03)
8. Ashes  (05:54)
9. The Awakening  (09:12)

Last Moon’s Dawn @ Facebook
Last Moon’s Dawn – Absence @ Bandcamp


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