NEMUS will release debut album

NEMUS - Wald - Mensch

German atmospheric ambient post black metal band Nemus, the personal project of Frank Riegler, will release its debut album “Wald – Mensch” in jewel-case CD on April 25, 2017 via the Russian label SoundAge Productions. The music genre could be described as ambient-black-metal and includes emotional breakdowns in combination with melancholic melodies, fast blastbeats and double base lines. “Wald – Mensch” was written, recorded and mixed in January 2017. The lyrics are written and shouted in German and approach the relationship between a human being, nature and its physical fusion with it. The whole album is told like a Fable. Rain, storm and wind samples find place in the music to support the melodies played on acoustic guitar and piano. The whole album was recorded, mixed and mastered in Frank’s home studio in Bavaria, Germany. Artwork was painted by Simon Knjasev (Cakesvy).

1. In der Aue (02:46)
2. Nimm Mich zu Dir (06:0Smilie: 8)
3. Ich Schlage Wurzeln (04:16)
4. Lass Mich Wachsen (07:11)
5. Sieh Mich an (04:05)
6. Gib mir Friede (06:2Smilie: 8)
7. Lass Mich Sterben (08:3Smilie: 8)

Nemus @ Facebook
Nemus @ Bandcamp


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