ŽREC reveal upcoming EP details

ZREC - Klic k Pokladum

Czech folk metal rock band Žrec introduce its new record, called “Klíč k pokladům“, which translates to “Key to Treasures“. This EP contains of three new songs (+ intro) of about 22 minutes of length. The new direction of Žrec’s musical path connects folk metal past with present hard rock moods and elements such as mid tempo, clean vocals and guitar solos. Also long songs and slowly growing instrumental parts offer more space for thinking about things beneath the surface. EP “Klíč k pokladům” will be out during May/June 2017 as a self release, limited to 250 pieces. First 100 copies includes logo button as a gift. Digital album on Bandcamp will be out May 19th 2017.

1. Uvedení
2. Klíč k pokladům      
3. Řeka domova
4. Vozka

Žrec official page
Žrec @ Facebook
Žrec @ Bandzone
Žrec @ Bandcamp


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