KARTIKEYA reveal upcoming album details


After 6 years of endless composing and re-composing, recording and re-recording, mixing and re-mixing and other wonders of nature, Russian ethnic metallers Kartkeya can finally give us a final and 100% accurate release date of their upcoming 3rd full-length album, entitled “Samudra“! So be it, on 19th of October, 2017, celebrating the Hindu festival of lights Diwali, Kartikeya will present the monument of a record, on which they have been working all these long years! And in the meantime, to tease your minds and eyes, the band would like to show you the cover art of ”Samudra” (made by their good friends Darius Alas and Christina Shapiro from Midiankai ARTS) and the final album tracklist!

1. Dharma pt. 1
2. Tandava                    
3. Durga Puja
4. Pranama
5. The Horrors Of Home
6. Mask Of The Blind
7. Samudra
8. The Golden Blades
9. We Shall Never Die
10. Kannada
11. Tunnels Of Naraka
12. The Crimson Age
13. Kumari Kandam
14. Dharma pt. 2

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