SUNWALTER reveal upcoming album details

SUNWALTER - Alien Hazard

Russian sci-fi Metal group Sunwalter have announced 5 dates across Europe to celebrate the release of their brand new and second full-length album, entitled “Alien Hazard“. The album will be released worldwide in all digital formats and CD edition on September 15th, 2017 via the Latvian label Sliptrick Records. “Alien Hazard” will be their first full length release since their debut in 2013, “SETI Evidence“. Mixing and mastering was fulfilled by the well-known sound engineer Arkady Navakho. Sunwalter are known for their heavily sci-fi influenced persona, hard, heavy, extreme sound and willfully bizarre media releases. Expect the unexpected and keep watching the skies! Sunwalter have already unveiled the cover artwork and the album tracklist. More news will soon follow…

1. Intro
2. Green’n'Grey                         
3. Birth Machine
4. Drilling the Ice of Europa
5. Forbidden Sun
6. Message from Nowhere
7. Planetary Protector
8. Red Shift
9. Fermi Paradox
10. Nibiru (techno-version)

Alexio – extreme vocals
Olga Sol – clean vocals
Myutel – guitars
St.Odium – bass
Miran – drums

SUNWALTER - tour 2017

Sunwalter official page
Sunwalter @ Facebook
Sunwalter @ VK
Sunwalter @ Bandcamp


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