ECLIPSE ETERNAL released their final album


Canadian black metal band Eclipse Eternal from Toronto, Ontario has just released its fourth full-length album, entitled “Nostalgia“, which will be the final album and the end for Eclipse Eternal! It is a digital only release, for now, and is available for pay what you can / what you think it’s worth. As the band states: “for over three years we worked diligently to finish this opus; to capture the essence of who we are and what this band has represented. Our friends, comrades, brothers and sisters at arms, we are here now to tell you that we have achieved that goal. Pride does not begin to encompass what we feel at this moment. Eight songs, eight tales of victory through defeat. Eight odes to death and destruction. Eight creations of horror and beauty intertwined. Raging and relentless on the outside yet in the eye of the storm there is the ever-present feeling of things ending and coming apart. And, in the end, the title track, “Nostalgia”, breaks it all down and the reality of this album’s significance to us is made apparent. This is the end for us. For Eclipse Eternal“.

1. Through the Eyes of Carrion
2. When Silence is the Answer
3. The Eye of the Storm
4. Summoning the Negative
5. Armour of Scars
6. Dead Man’s March
7. Death is a Blessing
8. Nostalgia
9. Nostalgia (We Fade Away mix)

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  1. Thank you for posting this. Hails.

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