LLVME – Yía De Nuesu

LLVME - Yia de Nuesu

Origin: Spain
Genre: Doom Metal Folk Death Metal
Label: My Kingdom Music
Year: 2012

Two years after their debut album “Fogeira de Sueños” the Spanish folk metal band Llvme is back with its new work. Nandu is the only remaining member of the original line-up and the one who actually founded Llvme, after the end of his previous band Chaotic Hope. Anyway he was always the mastermind of the band, since he composes the majority of the music. In this new album Llvme return as a duet, with Nandu performing all instruments and Eric in the vocals. Of course the band is helped by many guest musicians…

Yía De Nuesu” is a step forward for the band. They continue, where their previous work ended and they sound much improved. Llvme managed to build a very personal sound, something too difficult for this overcrowded genre! The play a mixture of doom / death metal enriched by countless traditional instruments, with violins and bagpipes being the most dominant. Their compositions once again vary from song to song and there are some folk metal tracks, some acoustic folk songs and others with a heavier doom death metal approach. Of course there are also songs that contain all these different styles inside them. Their sound and production is much clearer now and they have managed to balance all these different elements in a very tight result. Their folk music has a rare quality and it sounds very “real” and natural. Apparently it has something to do with the special traditional pagan folk music of Salamanca and the Leonese origin of the band, who also sings entirely in the native language of this ancient Spanish region. They sound more melodic compared to their debut, but then again their music is not based on catchy “easy to listen” folk tunes, but in a much deeper analysis of their traditional music’s roots. Most of the time Eric’s vocals are brutal death black screams and he sounds much better than the previous singer. They also use some beautiful folk female vocals, preformed by 3 different guest female singers and a few clean male ones. As it is stated in the booklet: “Yía De Nuesu talks about places and aspects of the past of our region, the ancient Kingdom of León”.

I recommend “Yía De Nuesu” to fans of folk metal, but you better check their official links below, since they are not a typical band. This album is released again by the Italian label My Kingdom Music, who also released their debut. It comes only in jewel case version containing a 12-page booklet with beautiful photography and their lyrics (for those who can read Leonese). I hope Llvme will continue improving in the future, keeping their strong identity and characteristic sound.


Rating:  (8,5/10)

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