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KAUAN - Kaiho

Russian atmospheric post rock band Kauan, will release its new album “Kaiho” on September 22nd, 2017. Marking a new beginning for the band in both sound and ambition, “Kaiho” will be released on Kauan’s own label kauanmusic in limited digipak CD edition, in limited double vinyl edition and in digital platforms. Kauan step away from their metal origins for their seventh album, which further evolves the band’s deeply moving atmospheric and introspective rock. The album focuses on the blissful nature of childhood and the transition to adulthood, when the weight of responsibilities and stark truths are realized. Lyrics for “Kaiho” were written by the great Finnish folk singer Marja Mattlar, and as always with Kauan, they are sung in Finnish, a language that in its eliding vowels creates soothing ethereal tones understood by few but deeply felt by all. With “Kaiho“, Kauan lifts off into awe-inspiring plateaus where dulcet alien notes weave amidst the faded light of long gone autumn afternoons, the still of mid-winter, the glittering drops of snowmelt. These moments are remembered tenderly and fondly, echoing from the past and pieced together from afar in the bustling city center of Kiev that Kauan has called home since 2011.

Kauan have always created moments of quiet introspection, even amidst the thundering riffs and caustic screams that largely defined the contours of the band’s earliest output. But on “Kaiho“, as Kauan step out of their past, songwriter and founding member Anton Belov explores the transition from idyllic childhood to the care-laden weight of adulthood, fondly and tenderly bringing the faded memories of days long gone to life. Kauan are from Russia, sing in Finnish, and are based in Ukraine, but their music is universally stirring. “Kaiho” is already available for pre-order in the band’s official Bandcamp page. Below you can watch a mesmerizing album trailer!

1. Lapsenmuisto
2. Kasvot
3. Siiville Nousu
4. Poissa
5. Lahja
6. Nainen
7. Sateen Huuhtoma
8. Kaiho

Kauan official page
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Kauan @ Bandcamp


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