ZGARD unveil upcoming album details

ZGARD - Within the Swirl of Black Vigor

Ukrainian folk-influenced atmospheric pagan black metal one-man band Zgard will release its 6th full-length album “У Вирі Чорної Снаги / Within the Swirl of Black Vigor” on October 21, 2017 via Svarga Music. It is a darker and furious continuation of “Totem“, released two years ago. Quintessence of ancient traditions and pagan outlook, a magic ritual ruled by shaman’s dance. Ethnic instruments, thundery drums, predatory vocals and dark drive… within a swirl of black vigor! Zgard have already unveiled the, as usual, beautiful cover artwork and album tracklist. “У Вирі Чорної Снаги / Within the Swirl of Black Vigor” is already available for pre-order in their label’s webshop.

1. Dive into the Night (intro) [Занурення в ніч]     
2. Forgotten [Забутий]
3. Confession of Voiceless [Сповідь німого]
4. Frozen Space [Замерзлий простір]
5. Where the Stones Drone [Там де камні гудуть]
6. KoloSlovo [КолоСлово]
7. Cold Bonfire [Холодна ватра]
8. Winter Lullaby [Колискова зими]

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