FROZEN OCEAN released free compilation album

FROZEN OCEAN - Transience

Vaarwel, the creative enigma behind Frozen Ocean, has decided to fling wide the gates of his kingdom and invite everyone to explore, to discover, to immerse themselves in his world… He has released the compilation album “Transience“, available for free download in the band’s official pages. The Frozen Ocean back catalogue can seem a vast and complex place, difficult to navigate for the uninitiated, but now Vaarwel has produced a guide to these seemingly forbidding territories. “Transience” gives form and shape to the maelstrom and shines a light on the pathways through the dark. Vaarwel has chosen songs that span the breadth and depth of his creation and bound them together, fresh and remastered and made them all available in a beautiful, free download package. Along with fifteen remastered tracks, three previously unreleased, representing the best of Frozen Ocean’s incredible canon of work, the download pack includes breathtaking new cover art, created by Vaarwel himself, a selection of Frozen Ocean flyers, an original poem by Vaarwel that explores the thoughts behind Transience and a set of wallpapers for the stunning “A Perfect Solitude” album.

The name Frozen Ocean…it conjures up images of vast vistas of ice; a world of cold without paths to follow, a forbidding, bewildering landscape that to enter, means inevitably to be lost… To the unwary and ill prepared, such is the musical world of Frozen Ocean. A labyrinthine back catalogue which flits between territories, leads you down peaceful roads which end in raging destruction, flies you at exhilarating speed over forests and mountains then abandons you in the endless black silence of space.

Now, following on from the release of the wonderful “The Prowess of Dormition” EP, Vaarwel, the lord and creator of the realm of Frozen Ocean, has produced a guide to his kingdom, a traveller’s almanac that reveals the breathtaking order within the daunting chaos. Transience gives form and shape to the maelstrom and shines a light on the pathways through the dark. The three kingdoms within the Frozen Ocean world are revealed – the Aether, the Tether and the Nether. Each one is formed from the substance of a different musical style; from dark ambient, from a post-rock wasteland that lies between ambient and metal and from atmospheric, blackened metal. Vaarwel has chosen songs from each kingdom and bound them together, fresh and remastered. He offers these words to guide you through his creations: “Projects with an enormous and varied discography are very difficult to perceive, even at a subliminal level. I could imagine that from the listener’s point of view, thus I prepared this for all of you who would like to attune with Frozen Ocean but didn’t know where to start. “Transience” itself is an inherent part of the Frozen Ocean artistic method, so it is completely representative within the choice of songs, including the previously unpublished ones. “Transience” is a piece of different, good music combined into one block, but moreover it is a safe and convenient passage through Frozen Ocean’s meandering discography. Welcome, and follow me…

1. Brooks Run to The Comet Lake
2. Torpor and Parallax in Lightbeam’s Jaunt
3. Eyechains
4. Wormwood
5. Tredje Vind: Handflate av stormen
6. Lurker
7. The Dyson Swarm
8. To Drown in Hoary Grass
9. Mare Imbrium
10. The Prowess of Dormition
11. The Sorewood Disrepair
12. Isig Flod
13. Space Orchards
14. White Birds Thaw on Toy Soldier’s Burial
15. Tijd die Door Ons Voorbijgaat

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