INCURSED released new album and new EP

INCURSED - Amalur + The Slavic Covenant

In 2014 Incursed delighted the fans of melodic emphasized epic Viking metal with their acclaimed album “Elderslied“. Now the Basque masters return with a remarkably fine EP “The Slavic Covenant” and a nutritious full-length album “Amalur“, whereby the typical style of the playful band can be optimally represented. Officially, “The Slavic Covenant” was released on July 31, 2017. This EP serves as a harbinger for the new studio album “Amalur“, which was funded by the band with a crowdfunding campaign. The official release of “Amalur” was on September 25th. The album was recorded, mixed and mastered from November 2016 to June 2017 at Cursed Onion Studios and Chromaticity Studios. The five mercurial compositions on The Slavic Covenant“, including the equally surprising and original done A-ha cover of the chartbreaker “Take on Me“, show a completely unused and persistently hungry formation. Incursed also free up massive energy spills in 2017! For the song “Fear A’ Bhata“, Incursed adapted the musical basic theme of a Gaelic folkloric song from the late 18th century. The refrain is presented in original language. The modified band logo – in Cyrillic spelling – on “The Slavic Covenant” is a courageous tribute of the crafty Basque bunch to a Ukraine tour, which has been remembered as a wonderful experience. Both albums are available as limited digipak edition CDs and you can buy them from the band’s official Bandcamp page.

“The Slavic Covenant” tracklist:
1. The Slavic Covenant – 04:47
2. Akelarre – 04:28
3. Wild! (2017) – 03:31
4. Fear A’ Bhata – 04:53
5. Take on Me – 03:48
- total: 21:27 min.

Amalur” tracklist:
1. Lurramets (Intro) – 03:03
2. Cryhavoc! – 04:21
3. Psalm of the Accursed – 04:49
4. Akelarre – 04:29
5. The Awakening – 06:56
6. Amalur – 05:33
7. The Slavic Covenant – 04:47
8. A Crownless King – 05:12
9. The Hardest of Harvests – 05:39
10. Zombeer Alcoholocaust – 04:08
11. Brothers in Arms – 04:47
12. Fear A’ Bhata – 04:53
- total: 58:37 min.

Asier Amo – drums
Asier Fernández – lead guitars
Jon Koldo Tera – keyboards, backing vocals
Mikel Llona – bass
Lander Lourido – vocals, guitars

Incursed @ Facebook
Incursed @ Twitter
Incursed @ Bandcamp


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