OVNEV reveal upcoming album details

OVNEV - Incalescence

American atmospheric black metal band Ovnev from Spring, Texas will release its second full-length album “Incalescence” via Naturmacht Productions on November 25, 2017. Ovnev is the personal project of ‘West’, who aims to channel the essence of the wilderness, heavily inspired by the scenic regions of rural America and harsh environments of the north. The band released a demo in 2015 and its debut full-length album “Cycle of Survival” in 2016. “Incalescence” is an expedition transitioning through multiple environments by using the power of atmospheric black metal. The concept of the album transfers the listener on a journey to Antarctica, where a subterranean passage is discovered that leads to a lush, thriving ecosystem untainted by human life. An entirely separate atmosphere and climate than the surface. There is intelligent life in this place that is unknown to man but soon to be revealed… “Incalescence” will be released in a 6-panel digipak CD and pre-orders start on October 20th.

1. Subterranean Premonitions
2. Icy Incalescence
3. A Living Resonance
4. Oracles of the Eternal Wisdom
5. They Reclaimed the Land

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Ovnev @ Bandcamp


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