CLAIM THE THRONE released new album

CLAIM THE THRONE - On Desolate Plains

Australia’s Claim the Throne have just released their epic fourth full-length album “On Desolate Plains“. Ripping apart folk metal with a merciless assault, finally a band is delivering an extreme take on melodies that fans of pagan and melodeath alike have been raging for. An epic slab of heavy folk-influenced melodic death metal that sees the band at the peak of their 10 year raid. The killer artwork design is by Michael Salas, capturing a journey of desolation through the harsh Australian desert. A man is lured into the deep nothingness, dehydrated and hallucinating, grasping for a stream that he can never reach, and feasted upon by the bird who lured him there. Claim the Throne have ruthlessly torn up stages around the world, leaving their mark as a top quality band who refuse to sacrifice their ability to drink your booze and have a kick ass time in the process. The band’s 2013’s “Forged in Flame” album received massive rave reviews and built a loyal global following.

1. Fury Entwined
2. On Desolate Plains
3. Spirit of Fire
4. Mantra
5. Where Night Passed & Sunlight Shone
6. Silence Beckoning
7. Windfall
8. This Agony Endured
9. My Dying Throes
10. Everblade
11. Harbinger, Scavenger
12. Of Creation

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