CELTEFOG reveal first details of upcoming release

CELTEFOG - A Faded Wisdom

Greek pagan black metal band Celtefog, the personal project of Archøn Celt from Alexandria, Imathia has announced some slight changes about its upcoming 3rd full-length album. After some critical changes in Archøn Celt’s personal life, he decided to release first a mini CD that will contain 3 songs of 20 minutes of music! This EP will be totally dedicated to a little angel as he promised to her some months ago! The title of this EP is “A Faded Wisdom” and it will released by Archøn’s own record label Celtic Fog Productions in limited copies! Celtefog is still an one-man-band, but some very close to the band musicians have joined in already, for some on stage appearances! Celtefog are ready to booking dates for upcoming festivals, live shows etc. If you are interesting to see the band on stage you can contact them following the links to its official pages below.

Celtefog @ Facebook
Celtefog @ Bandcamp


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