“Эффект Бабочки 2″ split album will soon be released


On December 16th 2017, SoundAge Productions will release the second part of “Эффект Бабочки” a very interesting “split” album for fans of Russian pagan metal masters Butterfly Temple. The first part was released by the same label again, back in 2009. Entitled “Эффект Бабочки 2 – Своя Земля” (Butterfly Effect 2 – Our Land) this album is a real Living Tree of various projects, rooted in the history of the remarkable, original Butterfly Temple. Some members of these bands are former and current musicians of Butterfly Temple, and they combined their, so different, creativity in a single album, as a sign of respect for each other, in memory of old friendship, tireless love for diverse music and free creativity. You can watch the official album teaser below in order to get a first taste. The musicians who participated in this release have to say: “In this album, the particles of our souls and hearts are collected! We are one in our diversity and we play Our Music on Our Land! This is our Happiness, and we are happy to share it with you, Friends! Enjoy the music!

1. Reliсt – Black Waters
2. Antillia – Маяк
3. Огонь Палатина – Цветы на воде
4. Огонь Палатина – Воздух
5. Огонь Палатина – Призрак Саратана
6. Путь Солнца – Судьба
7. Путь Солнца – Преклони колено (Шаманы)
8. Путь Солнца – Весна 19.16 (вокал Абрей)
9. Омела – Река Покоя (альтернативная версия)
10. Омела – Песнь вольных ветров (Butterfly Temple Cover) (feat. Авен)
11. Омела – Лодка (сингл-версия)
12. Butterfly Temple – Волчье солнце
13. Butterfly Temple – Открытая дверь
14. Butterfly Temple – Помнишь рассвет
15. Эффект Бабочки – Своя Земля (feat. А.Матюшенко, Mirron, Абрей)

Butterfly Temple official page
Butterfly Temple @ Facebook
Butterfly Temple @ VK
Butterfly Effect 2 @ VK


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