BATTLE TALES reveal debut album details

BATTLE TALES - The Ire of the Condemned

Swiss folk metallers Battle Tales will release their debut full-length album “The Ire of the Condemned” on 12th of January 2018. Battle Tales is a young folk metal band, gathered to tell us grim and bloody tales with an epic and melodic mood. They were formed in 2013 and released a 3-track demo on September 2015. “The Ire of the Condemned” is a concept album, telling along its 9 songs the story of a young bard, bearer of a haunted flute against his will, who brings with him madness, violence and desolation wherever he goes. The lyrics and the music will tell how his maleficent burden spreads its doom and how the young bard will manage to put an end to this curse. Battle Tales have revealed the album tracklist, as well as the cover artwork, made by the very talented Polish illustrator Mariusz Ganzel. Below, you can watch the official music video for Sailing to Unsung Havens“, the last track of the upcoming album, getting a first taste of their music. “The Ire of the Condemned” was entirely produced by Battle Tales and will be available on every digital platform. It will be also purchasable on the band’s official Bandcamp page digitaly and physicaly, or directly by contacting them.

1. Dark Omen (Intro)
2. Sweet Melodies of Fury
3. The Battle Bard
4. Bloodlust Invoked
5. L’Homme est un Loup pour l’Homme
6. War of the Pints
7. Ire of the Condemned
8. Beside a Dying Fire
9. Sailing to Unsung Havens

Battle Tales @ Facebook
Battle Tales @ Bandcamp


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