REGNAT HORRENDUM released debut album


Russian heathen black metal band Regnat Horrendum from Kaliningrad has just released today its debut full-length album “Heathenland“. Regnat Horrendum was formed in 2017 by musicians of Moongates Guardian as a new project whose music will deal with historical themes, occultism, paganism and literary influences. “Heathenland” is currently released only digitally and it is available in the band’s official Bandcamp page, but it will be soon released in CD format too. For the cover artwork Regnat Horrendum have chosen a work of Juhan Christian Klausen Dahl, a Norwegian artist of the mid-19th century.

1. The Flame of Purification
2. Halls of Chernobog                           
3. Dragons of the Sea
4. To Each His Own
5. Before Belobog
6. Night of the Black Wings
7. Raven and Oak
8. Icebound Faces
9. Worlds of Dead Birds

Regnat Horrendum @ Facebook
Regnat Horrendum @ Bandcamp


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