CORDE OBLIQUE will release first live album

CORDE OBLIQUE - Back through the Liquid Mirror

Mediterranean progressive ethereal folk band Corde Oblique from Naples, Italy will release its first live album, entitled “Back Through the Liquid Mirror” on April 6th 2018, both in European and Chinese editions. The core concept of the album is about going back to the past of the band, while exploring new feelings. The energy of a live performance is recorded with the same high quality of a studio album, and maintains the power of a live show. ”Back Through the Liquid Mirror” includes songs that have been performed by the band in a completely different way, after several years, in a much more powerful and dynamic way than the studio version. The best songs of Corde Oblique have been 100% audio and video recorded live, at the Splash Studios in Naples. In addition to the mastermind of the band, Riccardo Prencipe, the album also features members from Ashram and Argine. After purchasing the album you will have the chance to receive a complimentary private link giving you access to video of the full concert at high resolution (with backstage and interview), plus a private link to the Corde Oblique’s performance at Wave Gotik Treffen 2017 (bootleg). “Back Through the Liquid Mirror” is available for pre-order through the band’s official online shop.

Annalisa Madonna – vocals
Edo Notarloberti – violin
Umberto Lepore – bass
Alessio Sica – drums
Luigi Rubino – piano
Riccardo Prencipe – classical, acoustic and electric guitars

1. Arpe di Vento
(Music and lyrics: Riccardo Prencipe)
2. Flying
(Music and lyrics: Daniel Cavanagh)
3. Venti di Sale
(Music and lyrics: Riccardo Prencipe)
4. Papavero e Memoria
(Music: Riccardo Prencipe, Edo Notarloberti)
5. Averno
(Music and lyrics: Riccardo Prencipe)
6. Le Pietre di Napoli
(Music and lyrics: Riccardo Prencipe)
7. My Pure Amethyst
(Music and lyrics: Riccardo Prencipe)
8. Suono su Tela
(Music: Riccardo Prencipe)
9. Blubosforo
(Music and hopelandic: Riccardo Prencipe)
10. Cantastorie
(Music and lyrics: Riccardo Prencipe)
11. Kaiowas
(Music: Max Cavalera, Andreas Kisser, Igor Cavalera, Paulo Junior)

Corde Oblique official page
Corde Oblique @ Facebook
Corde Oblique @ Twitter


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