BLACK FOREST reveal debut album details

BLACK FOREST - Dream - cover

Austrian symphonic black / death metallers Black Forest from Vienna have revealed the first details of their debut full-length album, entitled “Dream“. With most of the material written back in 2006, Black Forest was revived in 2016 to materialize a long dream of composer and mastermind, Thomas Reichhart. Looking for other musicians to help out with the recording, five other friends joined together with Thomas, forming a band with also the intention to record further music and play live shows. The album was conceived as a journey through your mind, describing joyful as well as horrifying moments in your life, oscillating with psychedelic abstracts – like as in someone’s “Dream”. With two years in the making, Black Forest will debut their first studio album on 3rd of March, 2018. The album, fully recorded, mixed and mastered by the band in Vienna (Austria), will deliver epic orchestration, melodic leads, heavy rhythms and harsh vocals that will make you turn the volume up to ten! With a total playing time of roughly 35 minutes, “Dream” will take you on a journey of the band’s vision of modern metal music that will satisfy your thirst for metal. Black Forest have already unveiled the album tracklist, the cover artwork by Jens Kuczwara and a short album trailer that you can watch below. “Dream” will be self-released by the band in a digipak edition CD with 12-page booklet and is already available for pre-order in the band’s official webshop.

1. Prelude (orchestral) – 3:12
2. Intro – 1:02
3. Darkened – 2:56
4. Dawn – 4:31
5. Moonlight – 8:28
6. Dream – 9:04
7. Memories (acoustic + orchestral) – 5:13

Thomas Reichhart – orchestration, guitars, piano
Fabian Moik – vocals
Aram Brückl – guitars
Thomas Haider – guitars
Yannick Bertel – bass, acoustic guitars
Maximilian Geismann – drums

Black Forest official page
Black Forest @ Facebook


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