ILBELTZ / HANTERNOZ / ANCEISURAL ERITANCE – D’Anjou En Vasconie – La Très Grande Chasse D’Hellequin


Origin: France Spain
Genre: Epic Black Metal Folk Metal Pagan Black Metal
Label: Antiq Label
Year: 2012

An interesting 3-way split is released by the French label Antiq. “D’Anjou En Vasconie – La Très Grande Chasse D’Hellequin” includes only 3 songs, one of each band, but it lasts for over 41 minutes, since each song is very long. Ilbeltz come from Spain, while Hanternoz and Anceisural Eritance come from France. This album is based on an ancient story that takes place around Brittany. Each band has done its own interpretation about it.

The first song “Gauaren Babes Tenkian, Burdibagaz Haraindi” is from Ilbeltz. Ilbeltz is a folk metal band formed back in 1995 and is actually the personal project of Ibai Mendinueta, with various session members. After the split “Triarchy of Vasconia” in 2001, they released their first full-length “Auskan Gabiltz Olatun Gainian (1598 Potrobizargorri I)” in 2010. And while in their first steps there where some black metal elements in their music, now they buried them in the past. This 16 minutes song has by far the most professional production in this split. They combine acoustic folk music and epic heavy metal (with an 80′s aesthetic) all seen under a traditional Basque prism (there is also an authentic traditional Basque melody in the middle of the song). The music changes several times from acoustic to metal and my opinion is that the band is better in its folk face. Ibai’s unique accordion and flutes are really enchanting and his epic clean vocals much improved!

Next song, entitled “Comme le Son du Cor est Triste au Fond des Bois!” comes from the French band Hanternoz. They began in 2006 and two years later released their debut full-length “Metal Kozh“, while in 2010 the 33-minute EP “Linceuls d’Ecume” was out by Antiq label. I haven’t listened to their previous works, but this 15 minutes song is long enough to understand their music. I would say they sound like a mixture of Bathory and Stille Volk! They play epic black metal with a folk touch and many traditional instruments. Their production and overall sound has an underground aesthetic that fits perfectly with their music. All lyrics are in French and they mostly use brutal vocals, with a few clean male ones (I think both need improvement). They have also some acoustic folk passages and some instrumental folk metal parts, which make the song much more interesting.

The last song is “De l’Art de la Fauconnerie en Noir Anjou” by the pagan black metal band Anceisural Eritance that was formed in 2005 and released so far only 2 demos in 2006 and 2007. The band began with a complete line-up, but split-up in 2008. Now Lazareth (also in Hanternoz and several other bands) decided to awaken Anceisural Eritance as his personal project. This song is the shorter in the split, lasting for 10 minutes. Their music is raw underground black metal, with an epic pagan feeling. The use of a wind instrument (I can’t identify it with certainty) gives a melodic melancholic folk twist in their music and everything could be nicer with a better production.

Overall “D’Anjou En Vasconie – La Très Grande Chasse D’Hellequin” is an interesting release and a nice way to get familiar with these 3 bands. It is released in a limited to 100 copies CDr version by Antiq label and only a few copies are left. So, if you are interested, you better hurry up.


Rating:  (7,5/10)

Ilbeltz @ Facebook
Hanternoz @ Facebook
Anceisural Eritance @ Myspace


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