FIRTAN unveil upcoming album details

FIRTAN - Okeanos

German epic black metal band Firtan from Lörrach have signed to AOP Records and will release their second full-length album on July 13th, 2018! The new album will be entitled “Okeanos” and it was produced at Klangschmiede E with Markus Stock who also produced numerous great bands like Helrunar, Secrets of the Moon and many more. It turned out to be the most complex and advanced work if Firtan so far and the band is really proud to present it to you soon! The first track will be premiered on May 17th 2018. They have unveiled the cover artwork, done by noone less than Denis Forkas Kostromitin, known for his work with Behemoth for example! Pre-orders will start soon.

1. Seegang
2. Tag Verweil                  
3. Nacht Verweil
4. Purpur
5. Uferlos
6. Siebente, Letzte Einsamkeit

Firtan official page
Firtan @ Facebook
Firtan @ Twitter
Firtan @ Bandcamp


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