WOLF’S CALLING released debut EP

WOLF'S CALLING - Wolf's Calling

Wolf’s Calling is a new folk metal project with Ukrainian and Russian roots that was started by two musicians in the pacific northwest. They recently released their debut EP “Волчий Зов“, after 2017′s debut single “Земля ждет / The Earth Is Waiting“. Indigenous and pagan songs, as well as traditions of the Slavic origin, shaped the theme of the band. Bands such as Arkona, Alkonost, Korpiklaani, Wardruna, Altai Kai and Ensiferum were a big inspiration during the growth and development of their musical paths. As the band states, their name, Wolf’s Calling, symbolizes our disconnection with nature. Their lyrics speak of the fear and hatred that the modernized human culture has over the wild and animals such as the wolf. It is also about regaining our vision and connection with nature and calling out for an end to environmental destruction. The band hopes to inspire people to think deeper about our world when they listen to their music, as well as to expand the boundaries of the folk metal genre. Their self-titled 3-track EP is available in the band’s official Bandcamp page and their music is also now up on iTunes and Amazon. Soon it will be also available in CD format.

1. Wolf Spirit
2. Healers
3. Cвет Oгня (outro)

Wolf’s Calling @ Bandcamp


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