NECHOCHWEN announce new release

NECHOCHWEN - The Ancient Pulse

Apalači folk metal band Nechochwen from West Virginia, USA return this fall with a ten year anniversary release! The album will be entitled “The Ancient Pulse” and is a collection of reworked and re-mastered songs from their back catalog, as well as unreleased rarities and covers. It will be available exclusively on CD format through Bindrune Recordings (USA) and Nordvis Produktion (Europe). Nechochwen was born out of the desire to explore the heritage of the Eastern Woodland Indians of North America. This journey began with the goal of connecting with people of similar ancestry through eclectic and atmospheric guitar music that tells a story. As the potential for Nechochwen to encompass many styles began to unfold, ideas that were merely acoustic sketches took on a new life. Haunting steel-string passages found new homes within eclectic black metal and doom metal frameworks. Classical guitar ensemble pieces began to sit alongside upbeat acoustic anthems, ebow drones, distorted guitars, and Native American Flute playing. More details for “The Ancient Pulse” will be soon unveiled.

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