KAWIR soon to release their new album

KAWIR - Adrasteia

Greek pagan black metal legends Kawir, have set January 10th, 2020 as the international release date for their highly anticipated eighth full-length album, “Αδράστεια / Adrasteia“, which will be published by Iron Bonehead Productions on CD, vinyl LP, and cassette tape formats. Although three years separate this and its full-length predecessor “Εξιλασμός“, Kawir’s new work amazingly brims with an urgency that’s simply startling for a band of such veteran status. Upon its first few resounding notes, “Αδράστεια” is immediately and engagingly Kawir – and as the ceremonial slow-burn of opening track “Τυδέας / Tydeus” builds, anticipation is set exceedingly high, these Greeks working a simmering spell of sumptuous splendor. The track segues into a heroic march by its latter third, with that ever-so-enticing Hellenic mysticism taking root, before the fury fully begins with the following “Αταλάντη / Atalanti“. Indeed, that fury doesn’t relent for the remainder of Αδράστεια“, but Kawir carefully keep their pacing nuanced and dynamic, with each of these six characteristically cascading tracks unveiling a breathtaking landscape of sonic peaks and valleys.

But, as ever with Kawir, the sonic portrait they paint is imbued with a deep lyricism hailing the Greek pantheon. In the case of Αδράστεια“, its namesake is the goddess of female revenge, and honorably does the album’s lyrical concept focus on heroic women and the cruelty around them. For this unique and tasteful exploration, Kawir here have gathered together a whole host of incredible guests, including Macabre Omen mainman Alexandros on all clean vocals, the ethereal Norwegian voice of Lindy-Fay Hella on the stark ‘n’ haunting “Κολχίς / Colchis“, and Melechesh’s Ashmedi giving a guitar solo on “Δαναΐδες / Danaides“. Altogether, Αδράστεια” makes for Kawir’s most quintessentially Greek album in many years – ever longer may their pantheon reign! Cover artwork, album tracklist and 2 songs of the upcoming album are already unveiled.

1. Τυδέας / Tydeus
2. Αταλάντη / Atalanti
3. Δαναΐδες / Danaides
4. Λημνιάδες / Limniades
5. Κολχίς / Colchis
6. Μήδεια / Medea

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