IN TORMENTATA QUIETE unveil upcoming album details

IN TORMENTATA QUIETE - Krononota - cover

Italian extreme avant-garde metallers from Bologna, In Tormentata Quiete, have revealed the first details of their upcoming album, “Krononota“. The fifth full-length album of a band with a now more than twenty years career, is one of the most anticipated albums in the extreme Italian scene. “Krononota” will be released on February 19th, 2021 via My Kingdom Music in CD, digital and Deluxe Edition limited to 99 copies and will be anticipated by the single “Color Daunia” on December 21st, 2020 with a great video-clip. With this new album ITQ are moving towards the definitive consecration of a band that has no equal and that has been able to build an undisputed reputation over the years, made of effort and personality. Expect once again a band capable of an extremely avant-garde and theatrical vision of their Art. ITQ have just unveiled the cover of “Krononota“, created by Luca Antoniazzi with drawings by Federica Suriani and photos by Alex Mercatali, as well as the album tracklist.

Krononota” can be pre-ordered here:
- CD:

1. Urlo del Tempo
2. All’Alba: Sapor Umbro
3. Alla Mattina: Color Daunia
4. Al Pomeriggio: Lo Sguardo d’Anteo
5. Alla Sera: Abbraccio d’Emilia
6. Alla Notte: Odor Mediterraneo
7. KronoMetro

In Tormentata Quiete official page
In Tormentata Quiete @ Facebook
In Tormentata Quiete @ Bandcamp


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