E-AN-NA released new single

E-AN-NA - Biba

Romanian folk metallers E-an-na have just released a new single, entitled “Biba“. This is a song dealing with a more sensitive topic in Romania, as seen through the eyes of the elderly. Through the last three decades, millions of people have left the country seeking a better life elsewhere. Usually the elderly (and sometimes the children) are left behind to witness the empty shells, the ruins that remain still. For this song, E-an-na had the honour of having a very special guest: Valeria Oltean, the grandmother of Andrei „Solomonar” Oltean, the band’s singer and woodwinds player. She has never been recorded previously, even though she sings quite often while doing the usual housework at the edge of Sibiu. Having heard her over the years, through songs and various stories from long ago, the band decided to immortalize that, to make her the voice of the aforementioned elderly. The name „Biba” is actually her nickname, given by Andrei when he was little and couldn’t yet spell words properly. She is also the inspiration for their first song, “Jiana“, released in 2015, as she had been casually singing it suggested that we should render a modern interpretation of it.

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