EIDYLLION release online EP “Carmina Aequinoctii”

EIDYLLION - Carmina Aequinoctii

Eidyllion’s fifth studio release entitled “Carmina Aequinoctii” is available online. This Mexican band began back in 1999 as a folk acoustic / doom metal project and they have many common members with the Mexican black metallers Benatnash. “Carmina Aequinoctii” is a totally acoustic EP edited for the promotion of “Ostara“, a medieval themed multidisciplinary show written by Salai Oliva (aka Salai Ereshkigal). The EP, produced by Cytheron Prods and Salai Oliva , is available for digital download via SoundCloud.

According to the band: “Ostara is a compilation of music and performing arts, seems to be a stage such as composition, creative, multidisciplinary work. The first incarnation of Ostara is called Carmina Aequinoctii EP, medieval music, but with our own touch, on our way of think and feel the music, but this would not be the black thread or warm water, is just the way we can make medieval music, something we owe to ourselves for so long. So this project is about our own medieval songs and versions of the classic medieval repertoire.

1. Stella of Disas 4:11
2. Fire Dance (instrumental) 3:21
3. Tempus Est Iocundum (Carmina Burana cover) 3:21
4. Santa Maria, Strela do Dia (Alphonse X the Wise’s Cantigas cover) 2:52

Eidyllion @ Myspace
Eidyllion – Carmina Aequinoctii @ SoundCloud


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