LUCIFUGUM – Od Omut Serpenti

LUCIFUGUM - Od Omut Serpenti

Origin: Ukraine
Genre: Black Metal
Label: Propaganda
Year: 2012

Formed back in 1995 by Khlyst, Lucifugum has always been a very active band in the underground Ukrainian black metal scene. At the first years of its existence, the band experimented with its sound in order to find its personal stigma. The departure of Faunus in 2001 and the death of Bal-a-Myth in 2002 (both in the band with Khlyst since the beginning), marked the beginning of Lucifugum’s second phase. After two albums with Khlyst as a sole member, the band continued as a duo, with Khlyst in lyrics and drums and Stabaath (Elena) in vocals, guitars and bass. The first album with this line-up was “Vector 33” in 2005 and since then Lucifugum seem to have find a very personal characteristic sound, leaving all melodic synths elements in the past.

Od Omut Serpenti” is the 13th full length album of the band and is released once again by their own label, Propaganda. Lucifugum are playing satanic black metal with a very sharp sound. Their misanthropic image and attitude is perfectly depicted in their music, which is intended to be a venom in your ears. The band has worked a lot to build this personal sound and I believe they have reached their goal. Their music is based on Stabaath’s “edgy” guitar riffs and her extreme furious screaming vocals. Even if the band belongs in the underground, their production is very good in my opinion and everything sounds painfully raw, unedited and natural. I believe this is the best album of the band with the current line-up. Their compositions are much more interesting and they use two “lead” guitars playing different things, blending very skillfully their unusual melodies together. And yes, I find this album much more “melodic” than their recent releases, but the word melody has a much different meaning in Lucifugum’s case, since you can discover it only if you survive their poisonous attack… All of the lyrics are in Ukrainian and are written in the booklet in a cyclic style.

Even if they don’t play my favorite kind of music, there was something always attracting me in the band all these years. If you are interested in underground black metal, Lucifugum is a band with a strong personality, that just released a very good album. “Od Omut Serpenti” comes in 3 panel digi-sleeve edition limited to 1099 copies. It also contains a 12-page folded booklet with exclusive artwork for each song, while the first 499 copies include a 10×10 sticker. The package is very beautiful, adding more points to the album. There are no official sites for the band, but you can visit their only official page on their label.


Rating:  (8,5/10)

Lucifugum @ Propaganda


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