STWORZ / FALL – Śnij Ziemio Moja…

STWORZ - FALL - Snij Ziemio Moja

Origin: Poland
Genre: Doom Metal Folk Black Metal Folk Pagan Metal
Label: Frenteuropa Records
Year: 2012

Śnij Ziemio Moja…” is a split album by two Polish bands, Stworz and Fall. It translates to “Dream, my Land…” and is dedicated to Autumn. The 2 bands belong into different metal genres, but the album is very solid and all songs fit very well in the overall atmosphere. It includes only 5 tracks, with a total duration of 34 minutes and is released by the Portuguese label Frenteuropa Records.

The first 3 songs belong to Stworz and they last only 14 minutes (one intro and two full tracks). Stworz is the personal project of W. and he formed them back in 2007. After a demo and a split tape with Wolforder they released the debut album “Po Czasu Kres” in 2009 and their second one “Synowie Słońca” next year. In 2010 they also released the experimental neofolk EP “Słońcakres” limited to 100 tapes. ”Śnij Ziemio Moja…” begins with the enchanting acoustic neofolk instrumental intro, before the 2 main songs. “Dadźbóg” and “Jantar i Ogień” are typical Stworz songs, two of the best the band has ever written. Their music can be described as Slavic folk blackened pagan metal and they are very good at it. They have great melodic pagan guitar riffing, combined with acoustic instruments and amazing flutes. Their vocals are a combination of black metal screams and epic clean vocals, while all their lyrics are in Polish. I really loved these songs, too bad they last only so little. At least Stworz are preparing their third album “Słowiańskie Serce” and another split with Hungarian pagan black metal band Legenda.

Fall is the second band in this release, a band whose music I have never listened to before, so this split is my first contact with them. They were formed in 2008 and released their first EP “Samozatracenie” in 2010. In March 2012 they released their debut full-length “W Blasku Umierającego Słońca” and the same month this split with Stworz. They have two long songs, almost 10 minutes each and they play doom pagan metal, with some black metal elements especially in the vocals. Their production is good and their compositions move at the typical mid-tempos of the genre. Their slow epic riffing has a melancholic and at the same time warm color. Fall use also great acoustic guitars and some ambient atmospheric passages, as well as nature sounds enriching their music. The first song “Rzeka I” has a more aggressive mood and black metal vocals, while “Rzeka II” is more acoustic, with almost spoken and whispered vocals and a much more depressive approach… Both songs are very good and their lyrics are also in their native language.

Overall “Śnij Ziemio Moja…” is a great release and a very good chance to get in touch with two interesting bands from Poland. Even if you already know the bands, this album is a nice purchase, since it contains exclusive tracks and Frenteuropa released it in a very beautiful digipak with 8-page booklet and wonderful artwork / photography.


Rating:  (8/10)

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