Origin: Germany
Genre: Pagan Black Metal
Label: Einheit Produktionen
Year: 2011

XIV Dark Centuries is another band performing Thuringian pagan metal. They were founded in 1998, the era where most bands of the genre began. After 2 demos this German band released its promising debut album “…den Ahnen zum Grusse…” on CCP Records. 2 years later the EP “Jul” was out again on CCP. Then they signed with Perverted Taste that released their second full-length “Skithingi” in 2006. After that, XIV Dark Centuries remained silent and it was the end of 2011 when they returned with their 3rd album “Gizit Dar Faida” and a new label, Einheit Produktionen.

Even if there are 5 years since their previous album, not many hings have changed in XIV Dark Centuries’ music. They continue playing epic pagan metal in the typical “Thuringian” style: melodic guitar lines and epic rhythmic riffs accompanied by a thin layer of keyboards and a mixture of brutal and clean male vocals. Their sound is very good and their production one of the best for the genre. “Gizit Dar Faida” is a great album and much more solid than their previous one. There are 11 songs totally and they last for more than 46 minutes. Their guitars are really good and quite technical, both lead and rhythmic, playing some great melodies and a few amazing solos. There are also a few folk influences, mostly in the melodies (they don’t use traditional instruments) and some calmer atmospheric parts with acoustic guitars. They use mostly pagan black / death metal vocals, but there also clean male vocals and a few choirs. I believe though that their compositions miss something that will make them really great. Theoretically they are perfect, with excellent sound, many melodies and good vocals, but I still expect something more… Maybe more parts with clean vocals and more work in the melodies of vocal lines. I can’t complain though, since the album is already great as it is, it’s just some details. As you’d expect their lyrics are in German dealing with heathen, pagan and nature themes.

If you are into this genre, you most probably already know this band. If you don’t know them and you like epic pagan black metal, you better check XIV Dark Centuries official pages below. “Gizit Dar Faida” is released by Einheit Produktionen in jewel case with a 20-page booklet, but there is also a handmade leather bag version, limited to 500 copies, including the CD, a poster and an autograph card.


Rating:  (8/10)

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XIV Dark Centuries @ Myspace


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