MONDVOLLAND – Pestvogel (EP)


Origin: Netherlands
Genre: Pagan Black Metal
Label: Self Released
Year: 2012

Don’t let this colorful little bird fool you. It might look cute and harmless, but it’s not. It’s really pissed off and mean! “Pestvogel” is the new 3 song EP by the Dutch band Mondvolland and is by far their most aggressive work. They were formed in 2005 by Martijn and Mickeal and after 2 demos they released the 2 song promotional EP “… Daar Naast de Urthensula!” in 2009. The EP helped them to get a deal with Apollon Records and release their debut album “d’Olde Roop” in 2010.

Until now, Mondvolland played epic folk black metal, moving between mid and fast tempo. They used a lot of folk instruments and various vocals, ranging from black metal screams to epic clean male vocals in the more melodic parts. Their debut album had good songs, but in my opinion it needed a better production and better clean vocals… According to the band, this new EP “Pestvogel“, which was released at the beginning of 2012, marks their new way!

Indeed, “Pestvogel” is very different from their previous efforts. From the first moments of this EP it is clear that Mondvolland have worked very hard to change many things. Their production is now excellent, with very powerful and clear sound. The EP lasts for 13 minutes and one of its songs is instrumental, so actually there are only 2 songs. There are no synths or folk instruments this time and their music has a much more solid epic black metal approach. Their pagan epic guitar riffing is brilliant and truly dominates their sound. Vocals are much more expressive and furious this time, exclusively in the brutal side; only a few clean male vocals are left in the background of the first song… Their lyrics remain in their native language, while the last instrumental song has only acoustic guitars and a weird anxious calmness!

I generally prefer the earlier music style of Mondvolland, but I have to admit they are very good in what they play in “Pestvogel“! This EP is mainly for promotional reasons, so you can download it for free from their official page. It is also released as a mini CD in paper sleeve with the beautiful artwork by Bob Mollema. I don’t know how their new album will be, but I hope they keep their new excellent sound, bringing back some of their folk elements and traditional instruments.


Rating:  (8,5/10)

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