SIROCCO reveal details of their new album

SIROCCO - Lambay

Almost five years since their last release, Celtic thrash metallers Sirocco from the Emerald Isle can finally reveal details on the third full-length album. “Lambay” is a concept album on the Viking invasion of Ireland, with a strong focus on retelling the stories of some of the lesser known characters from the era. The album will be released August 13th UK/Ireland on CD and digital download. CD version features an 8-page colour booklet with artwork by renowned pagan artist Kris Verwimp. Once again this Irish band self financed and self released the CD, so the best way to get their albums is to visit their official pages below.

01. Azure (1:35)
02. Lambay (6:10)
03. Fallow; Unearth (6:26)
04. Mael Suthain (5:54)        
05. Tempest (1:22)
06. An Cheann Rí (4:43)
07. The Towers (4:14)
08. Kingdom of Oriel (7:06)

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